Sustainable Development


Initially, Equinox Aventure only rented and operated two stands that were open only in the summer. Over time, we have developed our expertise in organizing trips and in adventure activities such as cycling, sea kayaking and canoeing. Through a restricted travel agent license, winter products were added to our services; such as snowmobiles and fat bikes. Now Equinox Aventure operates a 4 seasons adventure product and uses the best playgrounds in the area to bring authentic experiences to life.

Over the years, the company has developed a travel agency approach oriented by the authenticity of the reception and the recreational tourism potential of the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region. In this sense, it protects the region and promotes it in a responsible way. To do this, Equinox invests itself in client collaboration, partnership with the community and the commitment of its employees. Here is our action plan for sustainable development.

To offer adventure tourism and ecotourism trips while discovering the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region, by limiting the ecological footprint and optimizing the impact of our activities on the environment, society and the economy.

To become a reference and a model for local travel agency in organization and management of stays and trips in adventure tourism, ecotourism, responsible tourism and sustainable tourism, according to the Global Code of Ethics of Tourism.

Authenticity of the welcome,
Collaboration and partnerships,
Flexibility and adaptation,

To promote an authentic experience in connection with the ecotourism potential of Saguenay Lac-Saint-Jean.
To protect the environment responsibly by thinking about the impact of our activities and acting accordingly.
To explore and teach the outdoor to kids and teenagers through school activities.
To listen to the needs: employees, customers, agencies and tour operators.

Respect the main principles and guidelines of:
Adventure Ecotourism Quebec (AEQ),
International Marketing Program of ATR (Regional Tourism Association),
Transport Commission,
Bienvenue Cyclist from Vélo Québec.
Collaborate with accommodations in Quebec,
Integrate decision-making criteria that respect the principles of sustainable development when making decisions,
Continuously train our employees,
Share our eco-responsible code of conduct with others.


To foster contact with nature,
To know our region and its history,
To create friendly and close links with customers;
To offer a personalized service.


Healthy relationships between employees are very important for Equinox Aventure. Listening and exchanges between individuals are crucial for maintaining an environment conducive to teamwork. In order to limit our ecological footprint and to highlight the values of the company, a round table was conducted with the mission of identifying objectives that are, according to employees, ideal for starting in sustainable development.

  • Reuse the paper, turn it into a notepad,
  • Integrate elements of the SD policy into the explanatory meetings,
  • Foster mutual learning and knowledge sharing,
  • Communication (validation), constructive criticism and openness,
  • Establish sorting islands in all rental centers,
  • Promote the adoption of eco-responsible behavior (employee / client),
  • Feedback and continuous improvement of procedures,
  • Foster a pleasant work atmosphere
  • Local, cultural and economic involvement,
  • Social activity between employee,
  • Create links with customers,
  • Stay conscious about eco-driving,
  • Use eco-responsible products,
  • Be autonomous in the maintenance and repair of bicycles,
  • Make sure the bikes are clean and in a state of being rented,

Equinox Adventure hopes to promote the tourist sustainability of the region to respect the environment and the people. Its goal is to develop ecotourism so that future generations can enjoy this beautiful region as we see it today.