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Whether in summer or winter, on water or on land, your participants will be able to learn and be interested in the outdoors in many ways. With more than a dozen activities to offer, our participants are sure to live a unique experience each time.

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Our activities


  • Sea Kayaking: From the Auberge des Îles, we introduce our participants to the various equipment before taking to the water for a ride around the islands of Lac Saint Jean. Kayakers learn to control their kayaks and synchronize with their partners.
  • Stand Up Paddle: From our rental kiosk located at the Auberge des Îles, test your students' balance during a supervised outing around the islands of Lac Saint Jean. We teach our participants to balance on a board and use the right strokes to navigate.
  • Lake Canoeing: Starting from the beach of the Auberge des Îles, embark on a canoe with our guides to learn canoeing techniques. Between paddle strokes and coordination, we progress between the islands of Lac Saint Jean.
  • Whitewater Canoeing: For our thrill-seekers, our canoe guides will be happy to take you into whitewater to surf the capricious waves of our rivers. Between safety and learning, our participants will experience whitewater canoeing techniques.
  • Biking: Starting from our rental agency in Alma, we will ride the Blueberry Route for a bike ride accompanied by our guide to ensure group safety.


  • Winter Survival: We supervise our participants for an outing in the forest where we learn to live in the forest. Learn how to make a fire, find useful resources for your survival, learn how to orient yourself, etc.
  • Fat Bike: Discover Lac Saint Jean in its winter days and pedal on its ice to navigate between the islands of Lac Saint Jean. Progression on flat terrain with a breathtaking view of the horizon has everything to please.
  • Ski touring/snowshoeing: On mountain or flat terrain, progress with our guides to discover the landscapes of the Saguenay-Lac Saint Jean region. Maximum capacity: ---
  • Ice fishing: In the area of the islands of Lac Saint Jean, participants will accompany our guide in a fun ice fishing session. Set up your lines and test your luck against the lake's marine animals.
  • Ice climbing: Defy gravity and brave the cold by climbing an ice wall under the supervision and wise advice of our climbing guides. Participants can learn technical aspects and see the necessary equipment for this activity.

4 seasons:

  • Forest Survival: Head into the woods, walk in the steps of our guide to learn how to survive in the forest. Learn different fire techniques, build a shelter, boil water, cook your dinner, learn to orient yourself.
  • Choice of chosen activity:
    • Fire techniques
    • Construction of a shelter
    • Outdoor cooking
    • Orientation techniques
  • Orientation course: In total autonomy, the participants, equipped with a map, search for the beacons previously placed by our supervisors. Objective: to find all the beacons as quickly as possible.

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