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Enjoy our nautical center located on the beach of Auberge des Îles in Saint-Gédéon, offering a range of packages, equipment, and activities for your water entertainment. Kayaking, paddleboarding, and floating accommodation await you there.
Experienced Guides and Safety

Trust our water recreation experts and local Équinox guides. Equinox guided outings guarantee a safe and enjoyable experience. Your guides are regional specialists and will offer you the best of their knowledge.

Varied Equipment

Our rental center offers a wide selection of modern and safe water sports equipment. The team meticulously maintains the gear to ensure an optimal experience.


Équinox Aventure Center in Saint-Gédéon is the ideal place to enjoy our nautical packages and equipment. Located on the private beach of Auberge des Îles, it provides access to the shores in a setting protected by the SÉPAQ.

Immersion in Nature

Enjoy an immersion in the heart of a national park. A lake as far as the eye can see, wild islands and soothing sunsets far from urban centers will allow you to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Self-guided packages

Dive into the heart of nature with our nautical packages, a true breath of fresh air. Treat yourself to a starry night in our floating accommodation: the Iloft, or a wilder night camping on a protected island, all in complete autonomy. For a complete experience, we provide all the camping equipment you need.

    Guided packages

    Follow the guide for a descent into natural territory on the Péribonka River. Discover its magnificent landscapes and its best-kept secrets revealed by your guide. Set up your camp, light a fire, and enjoy the calm and the murmuring of the water.

    Training programs

    Do you want to acquire new skills or deepen those already acquired in a calm water environment? Our instructors certified by Canot Kayak Québec from Équinox offer several one-time training sessions during the summer.

      Guided sporadic activities

      We offer local water activities on fixed dates for all tastes, during which you will be guided. They will allow you to discover Lake Saint-Jean as well as the various opportunities to have fun on the water and enjoy the surrounding nature.