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We are offering a new rental / pick-up service at our Alma offices. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

You can easily bring your INFLATABLE SUP rental in the trunk of your car to one of the many magnificent bodies of water in the region and bring it back to us at the shop afterwards.

Nothing could be easier with an inflatable board and all the necessary equipment for your safety.

Rental of nautical equipment


Business Hours

Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 7 days a week

From June 12, 2021 until August 31, 2021.

Procedure for online reservation

  • Select your item;
  • Choose the date;
  • Choose the time to take possession of the equipment;
  • Choose the duration of the rental;
  • Choose sizes and quantities;
  • Click on book;
  • Add more information as needed in the NOTES section;
  • Take the next step and enter your personal information;
  • Accept the general conditions;
  • Make the payment;
  • Confirm the order;

Equipment provided :

  • BOARD;
  • PUMP;

Terms and conditions :

A rental includes the equipment of all the material necessary for the successful completion of your experience! The rental reservation implies having read and fully adhere to the general conditions specified below:

A rental contract will be signed by the applicant before the equipment is made available.

Damage or breakage, whatever the cause, will give rise, in addition to the cost of the rental, to the payment of the costs of replacing and / or restoring the value to new condition of the equipment. The rental invoice is payable on reservation online. Any rental extension will be billed on the basis of the price / day.

Damage or accidents / bodily or material injuries caused by their use will not be covered by Equinox Aventure.

The tenant declares:

  • Maintain the equipment in good condition during the rental period;
  • Undertakes to pay for damage caused to equipment in the event of improper use;
  • Undertakes to navigate in a safe manner;
  • Be covered by civil liability;
  • Undertakes not to abandon any material and undertakes to pay for lost or abandoned / stolen material;
  • Make sure to respect, preserve and assess your water footprint;
  • Follow the principles without traces and learn about protected areas.


N.B. Contactless pickup will be done at our Alma rental center upon presentation of a driver's license. The full address will be sent to you when you book online.

SUP rental

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