The Duo

With Guide
2 days
1 nights

Half-Day Guided Snowmobile Ride and Night in Igloft

Discover Lac-Saint-Jean and its islands with this winter activity duo.

About this package

Half-Day Guided Snowmobile Ride

Perfect activity to discover the snowmobile thanks to a guided tour: initiation to driving, learning to circulate on trails. You will have the chance to discover the beauties of Lac-Saint-Jean and its islands with these many points of view and by the interpretation of the landscape which is even more interesting, courtesy of your guide.


  • 3-hour snowmobile rental with helmet
  • Itinerary on Lac Saint-Jean and in the forest around the Auberge des îles
  • Supervision of the hike by a guide
  • Liability insurance 2 million
  • Gasoline

Does not include:

  • Snowmobile clothes (possibility to rent them)
  • Overnight at the Auberge des îles

Night in Igloft

In winter, the ice allows us to reclaim Lake St-Jean, stretched out in conditions reminiscent of the Arctic Pole. Designed for two people, the interior of these tiny house allows you to observe, in comfort, the northern and polar climate of the lake St-Jean. A dome protects you and let you see the immensity of this icy desert. Equinox Aventure currently operates 3 units in the sector in the Saint-Gédéon, thus cohabiting with the magnificent landscape of the expansion of Pointe-Taillon National Park.

• 1 dinner (Choice displayed when booking) and 1 continental breakfast
• Orientation meeting
• Emergency procedure with cellphone
• Bottled drinking water
• Chemical toilet
• Cookware and bedding
• Stove
• Small fireplace and heater
• A list of equipment included and to be expected will be sent to you by one of our employees when your reservation is processed.
• Liability insurance 2 million

Not including
• Transport to the Igloft
• Personal effects
• Shower
• Hot water
• Electricity
• Running water


Start directly from the Auberge des îles. A one-hour preparation meeting is scheduled to explain the course of the snowmobile and Igloft day.

Day 1

  • Departure in the morning (reservation required, minimum 24 hours in advance)
  • Start point directly from the Auberge des îles
  • Preparatory meeting
  • Safety guidelines
  • Snowmobile Ride with many stops for interpretation and initiation
  • Afternoon Igloft Tour
  • Arrival at the Igloft to drop off your equipment
  • Dinner
  • Free activity
  • Arrival at the igloft by snowmobile

Day 2

• Wake up with the sunrise and have lunch in peace.
• Return to our base in Saint-Gédéon (11h00)


$ 334.35 per person (2 people minimum)

Taxes and transport not included in the price

* Duo snowmobile only: two participants on a snowmobile *

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Here are the most frequently asked questions 

s How far in advance must I make an official reservation for the igloft or the Iloft?
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To make an official reservation, the earlier the better to ensure increased availability. Therefore, you should, at least, book your Igloft 48 hours in advance.

s What taxes are applicable to the purchase of a package ?
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Our products are subject to the federal goods and services tax (GST, 5%), Quebec sales taxes (QST, 9.975%), the tax on lodging (3.5% per night in lodging) as well a contribution to the compensation fund for clients of travel agents (Ficav, 0.1%) which is subject to the discount applicable since January 1, 2019.

s How to make a reservation ?
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Reservations can be made directly on our website. If you have any questions, you can ask them by email ( or by phone (1-888-668-7381). We will then guide you through the various steps.

For groups of 6 people or more, reservations can be made by phone at 1-888-668-7381.

s The prices displayed on your site are in what currency?
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We only use the Canadian dollar (CAD). The final cost in your currency will therefore depend on the prevailing rates and the policies of your financial institution.

s What is provided during a snowmobile ride?
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The package includes the rental of the vehicle and a guide for a period of 3 hours. Gasoline is also included. As an additional option, you have the possibility of renting a snowmobile suit.