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Let yourself be transported by the Canadian blizzard to discover the different tourist centers of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean. Take advantage of your stay to experience thrills by trusting your travel agency, which will concoct a tailor-made package for you with many winter activities. Snowmobile, sled dog, snowshoes, ice fishing or ice climbing... there's something for everyone!

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Day 1

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Enjoy the first day of immersion on the frozen surface of Lac Saint-Jean. Thanks to a guided snowmobile ride, you will learn how to drive on trails on the frozen lake and in the forest. The guide will offer you a complete interpretation of the landscape, so you will have the chance to discover the beauties of Lac-Saint-Jean and its islands with its many viewpoints. Experience "ice fishing", whether you are a beginner or an expert fisherman, the guide will warmly welcome you to share with you the basics of ice fishing for walleye, pike and yellow perch. End the day in style by letting yourself be enveloped by the warmth and the feeling of well-being that the Nordic spa experience will offer you.

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Day 2

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Enjoy a second day discovering the famous Lac Saint-Jean. Choose an immersion on the frozen surface of Lac Saint-Jean or the discovery of the south of the lake, where the tourist industry is most present.

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Day 3

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Treat yourself to your Canadian baptism with the activity par excellence of the Far North. Explore the Boreal forest on a dog sled and immerse yourself in the way of life of the old woodsmen. For the most unforgettable experience, meet different packs of wolves. You may have the chance to approach them or at least hear and see them, once you are warm in your den in the heart of the site.

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Do you have any questions?
This FAQ will surely answer one of them. If you have any others, do not hesitate to contact us, one of our travel consultants will be happy to answer you.

s What is a multi-activities tour?
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We use the term Auto tour because it is a package that takes place in complete AUTONOMY, including a framework defined by your favorite activity producer: Équinox Aventure. This package also allows you to rent a car.

s Where can I pick up the rental car?
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At the two main entry points in Quebec and the airport located in Saguenay:

  • Montreal Airport (YUL)
  • Quebec Airport (YQB)
  • Bagotville Airport (YBG)
s Are the tours guided?
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Most yes. Being an independent package, we make it a point of honor that you meet as many experts in the region as possible.

Listen carefully, you risk perceiving more or less exotic accents!

s How many kilometers does a car ride represent on average?
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It depends on how many activities you choose and where they are located.

Namely that the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region covers 98,713 km², three times the size of Belgium. Said like that, it's huge!

But be aware that we have selected accommodation close to each activity and that at most you will travel 2 hours by car to get from one point to another.

You can consult the distance table at the following link:

s Not to be forgotten in my suitcases
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In summer

  • Mosquito repellent is essential for outdoor activities.
  • Sunscreen of course.
  • Not much more to save space in your luggage to bring back lots of memories!

In winter

The principle of multi-layers is the key word in Quebec to enjoy playing outside when the mercury is below 0.

  • 1st layer: Prioritize clothes close to the body in technical sports fabric or Merino wool (we forget cotton because it absorbs perspiration and does not dry, so you risk getting cold).
  • 2nd Layer: Add a slightly wider layer that lets your heat out and stays between your first layer and this one.
  • 3rd layer: Cover yourself with a fleece or bring out the good grandmother's woolen sweater.
  • Last layer: Obviously the coat and ski pants.
  • The extremities: The most important thing to cover!
  • A neck warmer and a hat, or a hood.
  • Mittens to keep the fingers warm. (Little trick, in Quebec they sell reusable or disposable “hot packs” that can be slipped into gloves or stuck under socks to add comfortable warmth.).
  • Merino wool socks, not too thick either to avoid being too tight in your shoes and having cold feet afterwards.
  • Footwear such as waterproof and insulated ski or walking boots.
s What taxes are applicable to the purchase of a package ?
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Our products are subject to the federal goods and services tax (GST, 5%), Quebec sales taxes (QST, 9.975%), the tax on lodging (3.5% per night in lodging) as well a contribution to the compensation fund for clients of travel agents (Ficav, 0.35%) which is subject to the discount applicable since January 1, 2019.

s How to book a self-drive multi-activity tour?
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You must first fill out the form on the page of the car tour that interests you.

A travel counselor will contact you by phone if they need additional information regarding your request.

Then you will receive a quote by email.

If you have any questions, you can ask them by email ( or by phone (1-888-668-7381).

We will then guide you through the different steps.

Your reservation takes effect upon full payment of your package.

Please find our conditions of sale here: