3 Day Grand Tour

3 days
2 nights

3 Day Grand Tour [Cyclosportive]

This package is ideal for experienced cyclists who wish to cover the 256 km around Lac Saint-Jean in a short period of time, specifically 3 days tops! Flexible formula for couples, small, and large groups of cyclists.

You will be able to admire the magnificent landscapes that surround this inland sea, Lake Saint-Jean, while pedaling long distances every day.

  • Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
  • Distance: 256 km
  • Difficulty: Intermediate to Expert
  • Accommodation: Hotels and motels, adjustable according to needs.
  • Rate: $449 per person in double occupancy (plus taxes)



Day 1: Alma to Dolbeau-Mistassini (100 km)

You will start your bike trip by leaving Alma. Heading towards Dolbeau, you will pass through the Pointe-Taillon National Park. Once you arrive at your destination, you can taste local flavors such as chocolate-covered blueberries or enjoy a good regional beer at the microbrewery Le Coureur des Bois before heading to your accommodation.

Day 2: Dolbeau-Mistassini to Roberval (90 km)

Pedal towards Roberval for your second day. Stop for a short break at a local cheese factory. Then, visit the Mashteuiatsh ilnu museum before ending the day by admiring the lake view from the Roberval marina. Enjoy the sunset before heading to your accommodation for the night, or continue your journey towards Chambord to visit the historic village of Val-Jalbert, where time seems to have stood still in the 1920s. You will also have the option to spend the night there.

Day 3: Roberval to Alma (63 km)

Begin your last day by following the shores of Métabetchouan. The good news is that you will be descending, so take advantage of the gravity-assisted ride to relax and appreciate the landscapes, as well as the weather if it's mild. Make as many stops as necessary to savor the good moments and enjoy the beaches to refresh yourself. Make a tasting stop at the Lac-Saint-Jean microbrewery and at the Médard cheese-bakery in Saint-Gédéon. To complete the tour around the lake, return to your starting point: our agency in Alma.


This package includes:

  • 2 nights of accommodation (We take care of booking the accommodation)
  • Breakfasts included
  • Equinox Adventure professional supervision
  • All bike equipment, including helmets, locks, panniers, handlebar pouches, and repair kits (containing tools such as allen keys, spoons, hand pump, and tubes)
  • Our luggage transportation service (Please note that you must drop off your luggage at the agency on the day of your departure.)
  • A pre-departure meeting (including all necessary documents)
  • Free short-term and long-term parking

This package does not include:

  • Transportation between your country or city and Alma. (Services not operated by Équinox Aventure are available, as well as a transportation service operated by Équinox Aventure, available with additional fees.)
  • Bicycles (available for rent in our store with a special rate for package customers)
  • Tourist visits, lunches, and dinners (We provide a list of recommended restaurants and information to help you find what you need)
  • The 0.10% contribution to the Compensation Fund for Customers of Travel Agents (CFCTA), which is symbolic but not collected, as the total amount has reached the ceiling of 125 million dollars. The CFCTA ensures financial protection for clients in the event of a travel agency's failure.
  • Provincial and federal taxes
  • Travel insurance

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    Frequently asked questions

    s What is a personalized departure?
    Voir plus

    A personalized departure is custom-made solution based on your needs. You therefore choose the departure date that suits you best. You will have a private preparation meeting according to your itinerary. Only your group will be present during this meeting.

    This is the only type of departure available at Equinox Aventure. We do not have a fixed date departure. We do not offer the option to create groups with people traveling alone, the responsibility of forming a group rests on the customer before booking with us.

    s What happens in case of bad weather?
    Voir plus

    In case of bad weather, our activities still hold. Therefore, we recommend that you bring appropriate clothing for any type of weather.

    s Will there be restaurants on the road?
    Voir plus

    Most towns and villages around Lac-Saint-Jean have at least one restaurant, a small market, or a convenience store. However, some sections of the Blueberry Route can be more isolated. Additionally, some restaurants may have unusual opening hours. Whatever the case may be, we will provide you with a list of restaurants and necessary information before you set off on your journey.

    You can also view an interactive map here.

    s When should I tell your team about what equipment I will need?
    Voir plus

    To be sure that you will have access to the equipment you need (panniers, repair kit, etc.) on the day of your departure, we recommend that you let us know as soon as possible or during your reservation in order to be able to reserve these items for your trip.

    s Is there signal everywhere around Lac-Saint-Jean?
    Voir plus

    Yes, there is signal everywhere around Lac-Saint-Jean.

    s Are there toilets on the road?
    Voir plus

    Most of the municipalities around Lac-Saint-Jean have rest stops and sanitary blocks accessible for cyclists. You can therefore easily have access to these services near the Blueberry Trail throughout your trip.

    Here is the list of the rest stops.

    s What is the type of road, the drop, and the level of difficulty of the Blueberry Trail?
    Voir plus

    The Blueberry Trail is 100% asphalted, with the exception of the 15km of Pointe-Taillon National Park. The whole route is qualified as easy to intermediate. There are only three short inclines of 9% or more.

    Distribution according to the Véloroute des Bleuets:

    • Cycle paths (105 km) - 43%
    • Cycle lanes (8 km) - 3%
    • Paved shoulders (82 km) - 34%
    • Designated roadway (48 km) - 20%
    s What do the terms Recreational, Cyclo-touring and Cyclosportive mean in the description of the bike packages?
    Voir plus

    It is a method of classifying tours, inspired by that used by the Véloroute du Fjord du Saguenay.

    • Recreational itineraries have short distances, little difference in elevation and are suitable for family outings.
    • The classified cyclo-tourism circuit are designed to cover longer distances while remaining accessible to all. They allow time to visit tourist attractions and appreciate the landscapes of the region.
    • The Cyclosportive itinerary, on the other hand, are more difficult and will suit experienced cyclists who want a journey with long distances and more elevations.
    s In what does the support offered by Equinox Aventure consist of?
    Voir plus

    Our support ensures that you can escape with peace of mind. If there are any problems, you can contact us and we will find a solution for you. We can, for example, offer a bicycle replacement in the event of mechanical breakdown or transport in the event of an injury on the road.

    We also provide you with the necessary tools so that you can remain independent in the event of a minor breakage such as a flat tire.

    s Is the rack included with the panniers?
    Voir plus

    Racks are not included with the rental of panniers. You must therefore have a rack on your own bike.

    As an alternative, we have some small panniers that can be installed on the handlebars. We also have a few racks that can be rented, however these are not compatible with all types of bikes, depending on your bike frame structure.