Dog sledding

Dog Sleg 1
With Guide
3 days
2 nights


Treat yourself to your Canadian baptism with the most popular activity in the Far North.

Experience an immersion in the life of a pack of Nordic dogs. Accompanied by a certified guide, you will cross forests and fields at the controls of your dog sled.



  • Introduction and exchange period with dogs,
  • Safety concepts,
  • 3 hours of activity including about 1 hour in dog sledding..

Distance: 8km

Number of participants: 4 adults maximum, or 2 adults with 2 teenagers, or 2 adults and 3 children depending on age.


  • The certified guide for the duration of the activity,
  • The dog team
  • The sled.

This activity requires a minimum of endurance because you will have to push the sled uphill and run from time to time.


  • Winter boots suitable for -20*C and colder,
  • Multi-layered winter clothing to adapt to the effort,
  • Gloves, hat, neck warmer or scarf,
  • Sunglasses or skis

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