SEPAQ Kayak-Camping (2 days or more)

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This package is the perfect choice for curious individuals eager to discover the joys of kayak-camping on the islands of Lac Saint-Jean.

Explore the island area located 1.3 km from our Rental Center at Auberge des Îles in Saint-Gédéon. The infinite horizon offered by Lac Saint-Jean awaits you. Experience the comfort of camping on the platforms provided by the SÉPAQ on Connelly Island and marvel at the sunset in the evening.

Operating Period: June 26th to September 1st

Allow for a 72-hour period between booking and departure.

  • Duration: 2 days, 1 night (minimum), possibility to add additional nights
  • Activity Start Time: 3:00 PM
  • Distance: 2.6 km round trip
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Accommodation: Camping platform on Connelly Island
  • Rate: Starting from $172.25 + taxes per person (for 2 people - 1 night)

s Booking Procedure
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To make a reservation for a kayak-camping stay, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the information regarding the package.
  2. Fill out the quote request form.
  3. In the comments, please specify:
    • Whether you require a SÉPAQ access for anyone over 18 years old (access is free for those under 17 years old, upon presentation of an adult accompanying them).
    • If yes, indicate through which channel you would like to acquire it:
      • By yourself via the SÉPAQ website.
      • Through Équinox Aventure; the access fee will be added to your invoice and provided to you upon departure.
    • Any other specificities or questions.
  4. Press the "Send Request" button so that one of our travel advisors can handle your request.
      s Inclusions
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      The package includes:

      • Boat and nautical equipment (for 2 people)
        • Kayak de mer duo avec pagaies
        • 2 vestes de flottaison
      • 1 to 3 nights on Connelly Island
      • Luggage transportation
      • Assistance in case of emergency: phone support, on-site intervention, boat extraction
      • Area map
      • Emergency contact sheet
      • Information sheet for the night(s) on Connelly Island
      • Camping set
        • Two-person tent
        • 2 sleeping bags
        • 2 sleeping pads
        • 2 camping chairs
        • Firewood
        • Butane stove
        • 2 pots
        • Cooking utensil set
        • 2 sets of dishes

      Additional options:

      • Takeout menu ($14 to $18 depending on the menu selection, or $24 with breakfast)

      If the conditions are not optimal to allow people to go autonomously, we include the presence of a guide.

      Guide service: Their role is to accompany you on the waters to your camping site. 

      The guide is included in the "in case of emergency" assistance.

      s Booking conditions
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      • Valid access pass from SÉPAQ for the entire duration of your stay.
      • Knowing how to swim
      • Having basic skills in sea kayaking
      • Being in good physical condition
      • From 2 to 6 people maximum per platform
      • Be at least 7 years old.
      • Anyone under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult in the boat.
      • Anyone under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the activity.

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      What you need to know about the package

      s Preparatory meeting and safety standards
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      Before your departure, you will attend a meeting aimed at ensuring that you are ready to embark on your adventure. We will review the itinerary with you and inform you about the risks associated with the activity and the region itself, so that you are well aware of them, can anticipate them, and act accordingly.

      We will also provide information about the attractions of the region, remind you of the extent of our services in case of need, and the procedures to follow during your stay.

      s How do we retrieve our luggage on the island and upon our return?
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      Departures for the kayak-camping package are at 3:00 PM from our rental center located on the beach of Auberge des Îles.

      During this meeting, you will leave your luggage at the center, and we will transport and deposit them at your camping spot on Connelly Island before your arrival. Your luggage will be waiting for you on the platform assigned to you by SÉPAQ when you land on the island.

      For the return of your luggage to our rental center, you will need to inform us of the time you plan to depart from Connelly Island to return to the starting point. One of our attendants will retrieve your luggage on the island to ensure they are at the center before your return.

      s How do we get our lot of wood back on the island?
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      Upon your arrival at our rental center, we will provide you with a code to access the chest containing your firewood, located on the island.

      s What happens if we have a problem on one of the islands?
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      By booking a package with Équinox Aventure, you benefit from our assistance in case of mishaps.

      With the various emergency documents we provide, you can handle several situations on your own.

      However, you will have our emergency numbers at your disposal to request assistance by phone, seek the help of a guide to accompany you or provide aid, and as a last resort, request extraction via a motorized boat.

      s What are the standards and rules of the territory?
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      Any person over 18 years old must have a SÉPAQ access right to land on SÉPAQ territories.

                                                           To reserve your access, click here.

      Safety factors to consider:

      • Boaters are numerous: remain vigilant at all times to avoid accidents and familiarize yourself with navigation rules.
      • Presence of dams and spillways near the islands: plan your route to navigate safely.
      • The lake and winds are unpredictable: check the weather conditions before setting sail.

      To learn about the effects of wind speed on water, click here.

      To assist you in planning your kayak expedition, click here.

      s I'm missing a few pieces of equipment, can I reserve them without taking the complete camping kit?
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      Unfortunately, we can only offer complete kits for logistical reasons.

      s We would like to reserve multiple platforms or extend our stay, is it possible?
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      If you wish to book more than one platform or stay longer than the duration indicated in the form, please inform us in the comments section when filling it out. Feel free to contact the travel agency at 1 888-668-7381 for more complex requests or for further details.

      s Can we book two or more pitches for the same date?
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      To reserve more than one pitch, please contact our agency on +1-888-668-7381.