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Survival Libraries

This suggested water route, offered as an addition during rentals at our nautical equipment rental center, invites you to discover an extraordinary library experience among the islands of Saint-Gédéon, thanks to three tailor-made activities.

  • Location: Nautical equipment rental center on the beach of Auberge des îles de Saint-Gédéon, 250, rang des îles, Saint-Gédéon (Québec) G0W 2P0

  • Price : $28.88 per person before taxes

This activity requires a watercraft and must therefore be paired with the rental of a kayak or a paddleboard.

It is also necessary to have access to the SÉPAQ, as the islands belong to the SÉPAQ.

The purchase of access to the SÉPAQ is available as an option on the online store during the rental.

If you already have one, please keep it with you during your expedition.

About this activity

Explore the Survival Libraries. On the islands of Lake Saint-Jean, the writer Charles Sagalane has been creating since 2013 small cabins where books live in the midst of wild nature. Embark on a journey to discover the islands and treat yourself to moments of relaxation through reading. Experience a treasure hunt where the beauty of the landscape is the greatest wealth.
An illustrated report of each of the visited libraries can be found on the author's website (
Receive your adventure kit as well as instructions and safety guidelines at the reception of our nautical rental center, located on the beach of the Auberge des Îles de Saint-Gédéon.
The kit contains: an envelope containing a map of the islands, a suggested itinerary, an activity booklet, and all necessary accessories.
  1. If you don't have a watercraft, click here to book and select the "Bibliothèque de survie" option in the rental options.
  2. Please book through the shop below only if you have your own watercraft and SÉPAQ access. 

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s What is a survival library?
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It's a library in the midst of nature, where the beauty of the landscape serves as a backdrop for reading. The books remain available until the survival librarian replaces them with new titles.

s Do I need a watercraft?
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Yes, a boat is necessary to travel from one island to another. If you don't have one, you can rent one, such as a kayak or a paddleboard, from the Équinox Aventure Nautical Equipment Center in Saint-Gédéon.

s How can you identify the islands where the survival libraries are located?
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Rely on the map of the Survival Library that has been provided to you. Even if you don't find the islands in the correct order, the adventure has been designed to work regardless of the order of your island stops.

s What should you do if there are no books in one of the libraries?
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It happens, it's part of the survival game. Upon returning, you can report it to the reception. Anyway, the survival librarian makes regular rounds. In the meantime, why not read the beauty of the islands: the lichen on the granite, the bark in the wave-like pattern of a red pine, the grains of sand on the beach...

s What should be done if books are damaged, soaked, or unreadable?
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That's also part of the survival game. You can bring them back to reception. They will be taken care of by the survival librarian. Otherwise, they will be replaced during their next visit.

s What happens if one of the proposed activities doesn't seem clear to us or if it's not suitable for our group?
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The proposed activities are there to invite you to enjoy the beauty of the islands, to have a good time, and to let yourself be carried away from your daily life. You can adjust, improvise, or extend them as you wish.