2 days
1 nights


This package offers you a kayak excursion and a night on the giant Lac Saint-Jean, in complete autonomy.

As you wish, benefit from pure rejuvenation and reconnection with nature, surrounded by the islands of Pointe-Taillon National Park. Treat yourself to a break in the Iloft, unique Équinox Aventure accommodation. In the evening, take your kayak back to watch the sunset and come back for dinner in your cocoon on the water.


Package Description

Day 1

• Departure from our base in Saint-Gédéon (1:00 p.m.)
• Preparatory meeting
• Safety guidelines
• Departure in kayak for the Iloft
• Dinner
• Free time

Day 2

• Wake up with the sunrise and have lunch in peace.
• Return to our base in Saint-Gédéon (11h00)


  • 1 dinner and 1 continental breakfast
  • Waterproof bag
  • 1 duo sea kayak with equipment
  • Preparatory meeting
  • Map of the areas
  • Emergency procedure with telephone
  • bottled water
  • Compost toilet
  • Floating terrace annexed to the tiny house
  • Cookware and bedding
  • Liability insurance 2 million

Not including

  • Personal effects
  • Shower
  • Hot water
  • Electricity
  • Running water


339$ + taxes for 2 people

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Here are the most frequently asked questions 

s How far in advance must I make an official reservation for the igloft or the Iloft?
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To make an official reservation, the earlier the better to ensure increased availability. Therefore, you should, at least, book your Igloft 48 hours in advance.

s I am coming from an other region, how long does it take to get to the activity?
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To reach the starting point of the activity, which is located at 250 Rang des Îles in Saint-Gédéon, it takes 2.5 hours from Quebec City and a little over 5 hours from Montreal.

s What happens in case of bad weather?
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In case of bad weather, our activities still hold. Therefore, we recommend that you bring appropriate clothing for any type of weather.

s Can I show up at any time ?
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We operate several type of activities at the same time. So, in order to respect our schedule and to be able to welcome all our customers as they should, it is preferable to respect the arrival time that has been assigned to you for your activity.

If it is not possible for you to meet this schedule, please contact our team in order to find another time that may be suitable for everyone.

s Can I book over the phone?
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To avoid telephone traffic and potential errors due to misunderstandings, reservations are made on our website via the appropriate platform for the desired service.

s Do I have to bring food?
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The evening meal and a continental breakfast are included in the reservation. You can still bring snacks and drinks, if you want to. We leave this choice to the discretion of the customers.